Shiva Music Academy Studio Policy

1- First Class:

The first class is designed for the student and teacher to learn about each other. This session allows the teacher to evaluate the student’s music interests and skill level to assign appropriate lesson plans. This session also provides the opportunity for the student/parents to ask any questions regarding the piano class. First session is held free of charge.

2- Instruction Books and Materials:

ALFRED method books are taught in this institute. If interested, students can ask for piano pieces other than their method book. The teacher will assign appropriate teaching materials, paid by the student.

3- Class sign up:

The student can start the piano class once all enrollment forms have been signed by the student or the parents and the class fee has been paid. The forms that need to be completed or reviewed and signed by the student or the parents are:

1- Piano Class Policy Form (this form)
2- Piano Study Enrollment Form
3- Payment Schedule & Policy Form
A copy of all signed forms will be placed in the student binder

Students should sign up for one period at a time. Each period is 2 months.

4- Class attendance:

Depending on the student Piano skill level, the teacher recommends Private or Group lessons.

A. Private Lessons:

I. The teacher recommends appropriate class duration, based on the student age, piano skill level and interest. The piano class durations are 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

B. Group Lessons:

I. The piano class duration for group classes are 45 minutes.
II. Group classes are held with a minimum of two and maximum of four students

In both Private & Group classes Each student can be guaranteed his/her time slot, as long as he/she signs up for consecutive periods. The student is expected to attend the class right at the start of his/her class. There is no make up for any lost time of the class session. The student must arrive and leave the studio at his/her assigned class time. In cases of early arrival, student should wait outside the studio and teacher will open the door at the start of your class session. Parents are kindly requested to do their very best to pick up the student by the end of the class session. Parents are all welcome to stay inside the studio during the student piano session. The teacher will dismiss the students under 18 years of age only at the presence of his/her parents. Students are not allowed to leave the studio without parents or an adult already approved by parents, unless and with the written consent of the parent(s).

5- Payment

The class tuition is on an hourly basis. The fee is determined by the number of the class sessions within the period (2 months). The tuition is charged per period and must be paid by the due date, recorded on the invoice. The students or his/her parents will receive an email with the amount due, about 2 weeks prior to payment due date. A $10 processing fee will be charged per week the payment is late, starting the day after the due date. In case, the student decides to stop taking classes before the end of the registered period, the remaining balance for classes not taken will be refunded to the student with 2 weeks advance notice with no penalty. Sessions that fall into less than 2 weeks notifications are entitled to only 50% refund.

Note: Other fees and charges to be made by student / parents anticipated include, but not limited to class materials, Recital participation, Test / Contest participation, class binder package, and Certificate of Merit (CM). Class binder fee will be waived once the student completes two class 2 periods (4 months).

6- Absence:

ONLY ONE absence per (registered) period for any reason including travel, sickness, or any emergency or unforeseen occasion is eligible for credit or make up class. A 24 hour advance notice for the absence is courteously encouraged, but not required, to give the teacher a better opportunity to schedule and arrange a make up session for (other) students interested in taking a make up class. For the first absence, the make up session will be arranged and offered by the teacher upon availability. If a make up session can not be arranged, the teacher will refund the tuition for the missed session, or credit that toward the next period. The teacher will do the best to offer make up sessions for absents of more than 1 session. However, this (make up for more than one absence in a period) session is neither guaranteed (only offered if teacher can find availability) nor given to less than 24 hour absent notices or no shows. The make up session has to be taken within the same period.

7- Summer Schedule:

Due to family vacations during summer (Jun to Aug), the lesson fees are charged per sessions attended. Academy requests that the students advise the academy/teacher of the summer dates they plan on taking lessons or dates of their planned vacation/absentees before the start of the summer lessons, to give the teacher the opportunity to arrange his/her time accordingly, and schedule the student lessons. In case of an absence for a pre-scheduled lesson however, a 24hour advance notice is strongly encouraged. Only 1 credit or make up class is applied to 6 or less scheduled lessons, and 2 credits for more than 6 scheduled lessons during the summer period.  

8- Piano Activities & Events:

In addition to lessons and studio classes, students are encouraged to participate in the following musical activities, during the academic year. Participation in some activities like Certificate of Merit are determined with teacher’s discretion. Annual Piano Recital (Early June Exact date TBA) Group class performance or ensemble. (Late August - Exact date TBA each year) Certificate of Merit Annual testing - Teacher referral. (Feb, Mar, Apr of each year). Activities offered by MTAC / Contra Costa branch (piano recitals and contests Teacher referral) Piano Guild Certification

Please contact the teacher for more information.

9- Media/Photo Release:

Please check appropriate box

I give permission to Shiva Music Academy to publish my child’s photo in school publications, news letter or advertisement.
I do not give permission to Shiva Music Academy to publish my child’s

photo in school publications, news letter or advertisement. If you choose not let the student be photographed, please be sure you make him/her aware of your decision. If you decide at a later day to change your selection, please notify the teacher. You will need to fill out another form to update your selection.


The academy reserves the right to terminate the student’s class, if the student violates the class/school policies set forth and agreed with (the student and/or the parent(s)).

11-Academy Contact Information:

Studio Address:
9639 Alcosta Blvd,
San Ramon, CA 94583

Mailing Address:
9639 Alcosta Blvd,
​San Ramon, CA 94583

Information and Business related Contacts:
Tel: (925) 385-6565